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Typical Requests For Services

How much do you pay per pound of medical xray
"We are interested in a shredding service
provider. It is best to contact me through email. Thank you."
Our client has some millwork in a consolidators warehouse that they have
decided not to use and want it disposed of with photo graphic evidence
and written certification that it's been destroyed. Is this a service
you can provide?
"we are in the process of cleaning out old patient records. we have 2 stacks of files that need shredding. Stack 1=55'x55'x5 ft high. Stack2=34'x11 ft x 4 ft high. Can you give me an estimate please"
"Would like to inquire about the price for an onsite bin that we will be needed at least once every quarter. Could we also include metal clips with the "papers(small clips, fasteners, etc)?